An assessment tool has been developed for the project to assess the different components of a city’s readiness for implementing NMT projects. To ensure that all aspects are captured in a comprehensive and structured manner, the tool covers a series of questions divided into 5 ‘E’s: engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement and evaluation. Each ‘E’ in turn has questions pertaining to planning, policy, institutions, financials and implementation.


  • The tool is an easy to read and simple checklist.
  • Each category has a series of multiple choice questions.
  • Read the question, select the correct option and move on.
  • It is vital that the key stakeholders in the city be involved in the appropriate sections so as to ensure that the information provided is accurate.
  • The project team will follow up with the city using the mandatory contact information provided to verify and supplement any of the answers.
  • Please note that supporting documents will be required to be shared with the project team as documentary evidence where applicable.

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